Player of the day: Pavel Fisher (UACH), T, Team Mexico

Player of the day: Pavel Fisher, 24, DL,Team Mexico

sel aguilas

Q What are your thoughts of the win against Finland? A It was expected but we are not really satisfied with our performance. We need to step up both offense and defense. We also need to be more explosive in our coming games.

Q Was there any difference between this game and the one against Sweden? A It was kind of similar, but this game was tougher. Finland plays very physical and has a lot of strength

Q Did Team Mexico focus on anything specific in this game? A Our goal in this game was to get all elements of our play going. We did not succeed with that so we need to step up until next game.

Q For now, it seems to be set up for a deciding game in the final round against Team Japan. What do you think of that? A I agree. Every game until that final game against Team Japan is preparation. We are expecting a tough game since the Japanese have a great team as well, but I think we are the better team and we will go for the gold. That is our goal.



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