Talent vs need, what is the best option for a team?

In the endzone: Talent vs need, what is the best option for a team?

by Héctor Salinas

texas a&M manzielvsclowney

Different to what happened in previous editions, for this 78th edition of the NFL draft, there is no clear favorite to be named as the first pick of the Houston Texans; they will have the opportunity to take the one they consider the best college football player to strengthen their team, which by the way, it change their status of a Super Bowl contender in 2013 to the worst NFL team at the end with 2-14.

The Texans have already had the honor of choosing the first global pick, in 2002 they selected their first choice in their brief history, when as expansion team recruited quarterback David Carr, from the Fresno State Bulldogs; in 2006 again had the opportunity to recruit the first overall pick and chose defensive end Mario Williams from North Carolina State.

For this 2014, there are two potential prospects, Johnny “football” Manziel graduate of the Texas A & M Aggies and the first Heisman Trophy winner in his freshman year and Jadeveon Clowney, graduated from the South Carolina Game Cocks, defensive end, both players with only two years of experience in college football and decided to go for everything and seeking to have the honor to be named the number one pick this year. High expectations and opinions have been generated from these college players who in January declared themselves eligible to be in the NFL Draft this year.

After intense analysis and scrutiny to those who have undergone college prospects who declared eligible to enter the Draft this season. Combine testing and proday which chose to participate in front of many teams interested in their services, in addition to the videos of their games in college are some of the factors to consider in making that choice. Of the last ten players selected number one overall, only one has led his team to play and win two Super Bowl; Eli Manning who was selected by the San Diego Chargers in 2004, but because he refused to play with them, he was traded to the New York Giants.

Only two of them have won the award for offensive rookie of the year, Sam Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners in 2010 and Cam Newton in 2011, who played in Auburn; both received the Heisman Trophy. Of the 32 professional teams, only four of them have never elected in the first round, Broncos, Jaguars, Ravens and Seahawks. The team has chosen more times in that position has been the Colts three times when they were in Baltimore and four in Indianapolis. The quarterback position has historically been the most in demand with 31 players, running backs and defensive linemen are players who have shared that distinction.

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