Another win for Mexico ends China’s tournament

                             mund china y mex uni

By Oskar Hansson (FISU Media)

Friday’s game between Mexico and China ended 55-0 to the Mexicans, and by this game Team China finished the championship. This was the end of China’s appearance in this tournament but surely the beginning of something big since their performance pictures an interesting future.

Anyone who followed this inexperienced team during this first World University Championship in American football must have been marveled by their will to fight for each other and learning the game. They kept playing with their hearts and all American football fans are surely amazed by the team for standing up so well against some of the best teams of the world.

The game started with Mexico struggling and actually having a hard time in the beginning of the first half. There were a couple of good attempts by Team China and they made some good plays. As soon as Team Mexico got their first touchdown the scores kept coming but China were never discouraged by the score. China kept fighting all the way, even though it ended with a comfortable win for Mexico.


After the game Joe Wang, head coach of Team China, was very pleased with his teams performance in the tournament and he thanked all participating countries and organizers for all support and sportsmanship during the championship.

The game were also of emotional character since Si Yu Chen, HB, of the Chinese team got elected MVP of the game. This was Si Yu Chen’s last game of the Chinese university team so this was an unforgettable moment to him. Coach Wang summarized the game and the whole championship.

– There could not be a better ending of this championship, he said.

Head coach of Team Mexico, Horacio Garcia, commended his opponents for playing a great game. He also predicts a promising future for American football in China. At the same time, he is focused on what is coming next for his team. Mexico will play Japan in the game of gold on Sunday and coach Garcia finished by saying:

– We came here for one goal and that is to win the gold medal.


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