Mexico’s Salazar: “This gold medal is a result of a great team effort”

mundial mexi cham som

Oskar Hansson (FISU Media)

UPPSALA .- Mauricio Salazar Cavazos had a crucial role in the final game against Team Japan. Team Mexicobecame the first historical World University Champions in American football after a thrilling game against Team Japan. Mauricio also was elected MVP of the game and MVP defense in the tournament. These are Mauricio’s thoughts of winning the gold medal.What are your feelings after winning the gold medal game?

– It is amazing. It is like a dream come true to us. It was a real tough game today since Japan is a great team and there were some details in this game that became deciding to our advantage.

You were elected MVP of defense in the championship. How do you feel about that?
– I could not imagine this before this championship. I am proud and very thankful and I dedicate this award to the whole team. There is a lot of hard work from everybody behind this award.

What do you think of your team performance in the tournament?
– I think we played at the best level in all of our games. This gold medal is a result of a great team effort and I think we were the best team of them all.

There are a lot of fans from Mexico who have followed you at the live stream. What does this gold medal mean to your team and Mexico?
– We are very thankful for that amazing support. We play for our fans and we are proud that we succeeded with our goal and got to pay back by winning the gold.


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