Notre Dame vs Michigan Tickets Take A (Price) Hike

nd vs mich lD

Aaron Horvath (
SOUTH BEND .- What does the price of a ticket mean? Well, on the surface, it dictates the price one must pay to obtain entrance to an event, but on the secondary market the ticket price shows the price people are willing to pay.
Recently, it’s been widely circulated that the Notre Dame – Michigan matchup on Sept. 6th at Notre Dame Stadium has some of the highest ticket prices on the secondary market. Sites such as and TiqIQ have compiled listings using averages of tickets sold on the secondary market and highest priced ticket sold to come up with lists for the upcoming season.On StubHub, a ticket marketplace, the cheapest ticket for the ND/UM clash is currently $419.95. No one should go crazy about the price, because if I learned anything from being watching numerous Pawn Stars marathons with my Dad, it’s that an asking price is different than the price the product will actually sell for. Oh by the way, I just want to mention that the asking price for a parking pass to the Michigan game will set you back $362.49 if you want to purchase it from
                                                     Aerial view of Stadium during the first night game, ND vs. Michigan, 09/18/1992.
It is a great honor to have the highest priced ticket with 80-some odd days to go until the season begins, but honestly, it just shows that the little Catholic University in Michiana continues to be relevant in all aspects of college football.

Take a quick look at the lowest price of tickets on the secondary market for Notre Dame home games this season (all prices come from StubHub):

Rice: $248.10

Michigan: $419.95

Stanford: $219.50
North Carolina: $170.00
Northwestern: $148.00
Louisville: $165.00

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