Pumas bm f

In the daily visits that took effect at my University (University of Mexico -UNAM-) I was informed about a publication on the Internet, so easy to disseminate and particularly in this, of so little credibility that I feel the need to express myself, because I am convinced that it is, from my perspective as a journalist, a fib defamatory, which attempts to tarnish bright University.

By this I am referring to the new SPORTS SPACE, open to the community and our institution is named after former university brilliant “ALFREDO HARP HELÚ” and is located on Avenida IMAN. I know Don Alfredo Harp Helú from our time in the School of Accounting, later in the 90s when Carlos Camarena Machorro Condors joined the Board; and later when, under the command of Oscar del Toro in 1995, formed the Board of Aztec Warriors and I noted as Alfredo Harp Helú, hand in hand with other major university, I always held your generous support to these teams for what it is: a well-born University. I read with interest and care this tendentious publication of such a “zone ….. X” with which I totally disagree, but also refuse to know, let alone have exhibited any adverse comment to the performance of the university authorities to respect and admire ; and have now given its full support to the sport as you all know, my dear readers, is my love of football, leading to obtain the National Championship.

I take this opportunity to reiterate my admiration, affection and respect for the UNAM and also offer all my energy and ability to defend their professional ethics and principles, fulfilling my role and following the precepts that the current HEAD COACH in this case Mr. Rector dictate to us, as I did in my opportunity for “Tapatio” Mendez.

As you all know my main vision and mission since goodbye Player Pumas has been spread, promote and extol the merits of the greatest players of all the teams that have passed through national gratings.

Therefore I wish to inform you that on 26 July, at the premises of the “BUFFALO TOLUCA” will take effect Ceremony of “HELMETS OF GOLD” in which the best players will be awarded for the 2013 season this purpose and inform you that the “PLAYER oF THE YEAR” by unanimous decision of our committee proved elector BRUNO MARQUEZ QB …… No 13 of the UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO PUMAS, who will receive the GOLDEN HELMET “EDUARDO ‘POCHO’ HERRERA” distinguishes this nomination. I extend a cordial invitation to this event which I’ll give you more information soon.

For now ….. Hasta la Vista

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