The 10 talking points from the Mexico-USA game

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Arturo Carlos (Máximo Avance)

KUWAIT CITY .- I have always criticized the attitude of colleagues that are home to a selection of their country to be “cheerleaders” and see only the good, for criticizing the bad affects their interests, worst case scenario when the interests of the environment.

I have to admit it is not easy to separate one of the basic elements of journalistic ethics, objectivity.

I have seen how this team has been formed for several months, going almost every week despite the coverage of intermediate matches makes you feel something special and when you see them on the field.


The Armando Mezquitic touchdown excited me and saw a return that would be actual historical elements had enough to think about.

10. The football is made of small details, which were used by a nation that dominates the sport and exploits his talent when those details are in your favor, minimal errors made ​​several moves were explosive and even finish in points.

9. Offensive takes long to get going, but without reviewing the video, I doubt the fact of not having a first down in the first half as they say in official statistics, but is not far from reality, is the scenario? Maybe the nervousness of starting a World Cup, but Mexico got into the wall early in the game.

8. Mexico had more first downs than USA, that speaks of balance was found late in the game to move the ball, but the U.S. had 964 yards of offense and kickoff returns, while Mexico totaled 397 yards, the big plays were the main cause of the defeat.

7. Mexico defense shined with big plays, intercepted inside the opponent’s 20, returned another touchdown and recovered a fumble. Elements that could be vital to a win, but missed many things to have a perfect game.

6. Carlos Velarde was named MVP by Mexico, a true leader on the field, he  did not have to step on it to prove it stepping up as one of the team captains.

5. Salvador Casillas dominated Hayden Mahoney, who is an offensive lineman prospect to sign in February with the University of Miami since he already made his ​​verbal commitment. Casillas revealed a lack of explosiveness in the run lock to criticize the scouts and that removed to make use of its value as a blocker holding the opponent to the whistle, it was the opposite against the Mexican.

4. Stevens and Anderson both ran for 100 yards and scored twice on just 12 carries between the two, the latter dedicated his MVP his best friend who died two days ago. Japan also showed that dominant and explosive running game. Be very careful with it.

3. Possession time in the second half was for Mexico, who had the football for 20:18 against 3:42 by U.S., however the U.S. seven touchdowns, six were on drives that lasted less than two minutes.

2. Gabriel Gutierrez plays for USA, Latin blood and perfect Spanish studies at the Marist University in New York, that’s where we see it reflected the work in High School compared to our young players, the way work is critical to achieving better athletes.

1. This team has heart and more to get ahead, the group is not easy, I assure you that the four teams will win their match when they clash in the last round against Group A. Mexico has much to show in this world and not there underestimate Japan, because it might surprise U.S.; but before a meeting with Mexico on Thursday.

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