VIDEO 1st WUC Uppsala American Football Championship

mundial mexico bandera

MEXICO: WORLD CHAMPION 2014 – 1st WUC Uppsala American Football Championship – 23th CAMPUS TV Show – FISU 2014.

UPPSALA — 11 May, featured a historical game on the football field as the first ever gold medal game of the WUC American Football was decided between both strongholds of the tournament: Japan and Mexico. After a thrilling game, it was the latter that took the gold leaving the silver for Team Japan. Interesting detail, the next edition of this WUC will be hosted in … Mexico, as the city of Monterey will welcome the 2nd edition of this exciting new FISU championship.

After the gold medal game, the Closing Ceremony was held. The Ceremony started with Stefan Bergh, FISU Vice-President and President of the WUC Uppsala Organizing Committee, holding a speech thanking all teams for participating and for some good games where the teams showed a good atmosphere and good sportsmanship. Mr. Bergh also thanked all organisations behind the event and all the volunteers. The ceremony continued with handing out the awards to all teams. It ended with the Organizing Committee submitting the hosting to Mexico that will arrange the next World University American Football Championship in 2016.

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