By Jonathan Cabrera 19 (Gráfico Sports)
More than 1.5 million Latinos live in the state of Illinois. Each one with a different culture, with a shared dream, but with a passion for a sport that is not Football. The Chicago Bears are certainly the most representative franchise in Illinois, but they haven’t realized yet the business they have in their hands. Football in my country, Mexico, it is the second fastest growing sport has had in recent years. In all states and towns for new football teams.
Public and private broadcasters devote significant space to the sport of tackles and there by NFL fans in Mexico grow rapidly. The Chicago Bears are not listed in the top ten of the teams most fans in Mexico. In the Latino community there is a huge niche market that apparently no NFL franchise has realized the opportunity they have to achieve a sweeping victory that results in many fat green bucks.
Roberto Garza signing autographs for the Bears fans at Training Camp. Photo: Omar Ureña (Gráfico Sports)
Roberto Garza signing autographs for the Bears fans at Training Camp. Photo: Omar Ureña (Gráfico Sports)
The Latino community is a sure target for any wise businessman, but mainly consists of Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Cubans and Mexicans, nations that do not know football because your sport is soccer, there are nevertheless a great opportunity. Which one? Chicago is one of the favorite cities to live for all these undocumented, is within the top 5.
Labor in different countries have the right to play in the same way that an American citizen. Why did not the Bears become the beloved franchise for the Hispanic community?
Roberto Garza (C), solid veteran and leader of the Bears OL
Roberto Garza (C), solid veteran and leader of the Bears OL
 I have an uncle who shovels snow when the streets are cold and lonely. He has had the good fortune to look outside and see the stadium, the cathedral of football. He like many Latinos live marginalized outside the stadium. Listen away to what they enjoy.
They live where the spotlight illuminates their path so heavy. There is much racism in all parts of the world. Tragically also in sports. Football is a virtue that no sport manages to consolidate such a splendid way.
This is teamwork. Football, specifically the NFL, has an awesome power in the United States of America. Why not start practicing the values ​​taught by football? We are a great team. And that‘s not just Mexico great teamor the U. S. This great team is called humanity. The world outside the grating ends. Pieces are made against each other Palestinians against Jews,Russians against Ukrainians.
Roberto Garza and the Chicago Bears
Roberto Garza and the Chicago Bears
 The real battle is not  on the Football field. It’s out. And our opponent is called racism. It would be a win for the Bears executives that could realize the huge market they’re missing out in front of their faces. But in truth, something that would be beautiful, even sublimefans would look different colors, different languages​​, waving flags from different countries, sharing something in common: blue and orange on his shoulders. Chanting with different nuances the same Bears hymn at Soldier Field.

For Gráfico Sports in Chicago, with love. JONATHAN CABRERA 19 (“Carpe Diem“)

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