Silver Chronicle of the Raiders-Texans duel in Mexico

By Omar Ureña (Gráfico Sports)


The Goddess Miztli ascends above a mist that floats above Estadio Azteca. Tonight Al Davis’s spirit-evoking torch shines behind the goalposts. Raiders and Texans arrive at this clash as the first place in their division. They emerged from the locker room with their navy blue and silver helmets that reflected the light of the tunnel, the warriors were heading to the court of the Colossus of Santa Ursula. Neither of them was ready to be defeated on the first Monday night in Tenochtitlan.

Azt 51.jpgBruce Irvin (51)

Nick Novak (8) scores the first points with a 32-yard field goal after the referee overturns DeAndre Hopkins’ TD who had exploded 64 yards on the left side. Texans 3 Raiders 0. It’s the second quarter and the Raiders get to the red zone. On 3rd and 7th Jalen Richard (30), the beastly rookie of South Mississippi, makes a quick trajectory to the center to catch a 18-yard pass to score Oakland’s first touchdown. Sebastian Janikowski makes the extra good. Texans 3 Raiders 7.

This game will be unforgettable for all the rookies that play tonight, they dreamed their whole life with playing on a Monday night, but they never imagined that the first time would be in the Mexico City in front of 87,000 fans. Being a rookie tonight can be a blessing or a curse. In the kickoff Texans rookie Tyler Ervin (34) drops the ball and is recovered by Oakland at the Houston 15. Raiders did not score a TD and Janikowski makes good the 19-yard field goal. Texans 3 Raiders 10.

Azt Joseph.jpgMichael Crabtree (15)

The screams and rhythm from the band ‘Kiss’ come out from the Estadio Azteca speakers: “Turn it up, got me hypnotized! Hey hey hey yeah! Hey hey hey yeah! “. The fans scream loudly, they want their NFL game in Mexico, loud and strong. “Loud I wanna hear it loud! Right between the eyes! “. The green laser beam that shoots a retrograde from the stands to Brock Osweiler did not hypnotize him, and on 2nd and goal Osweiler launches an 11 yard pass to Braxton Miller for a touchdown. Texans and Raiders are tied at halftime. Texans 10 Raiders 10.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter the Texans offensive line is trying to keep pace with the season, to try to demolish this time, the silver and black front. On 1st and goal Lamar Miller (34) scores on the left side and Novak makes the extra good. Raiders contends with Janikowski’s 20-yard field goal. Already in the 4th quarter Novak scores another field goal, this time for 28 yards. Texans 20 Raiders 13.

On 1st and 10 at the Oakland 25, Derek Carr throws a quick pass to Jamize Olawale (49) who runs 75 yards for a touchdown. The Raider Nation celebrates noisily while Sebastian Janikowski makes the extra good. Houston 20 Oakland 20. Amari Cooper catches a pass and later on Latavius Murray (28) runs and makes the first down.

Azt 75 mole.jpgLatavius Murray (28) the Raiders ambassador in Mexico 

On 2nd and 10 at the 25 the Ambassador of the Raiders in Mexico escapes 39 yards. With the inertia of the Commitment to Excellence on 1st and 10 Carr throws a 35 yard pass to Amari Cooper to score the victory’s touchdown. The Raider Nation of Mexico explodes in joy. Janikowski with the extra seals the win.

Azt Cooper.jpgAmari Cooper (89)

It was not an overwhelming triumph or a picturesque one but the Raiders did it, they won as a home team far from their stadium and the noise was loud, they were favorites and they played their tails off, from the beginning coach Del Rios’s formula was the same, to play aggressive . Tonight Estadio Azteca was the home of the Oakland Raiders. Houston 20 Oakland 27 (F)

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