The UDLAP Aztecs are the true and only Mexico Champions

After 8 years of missing a National Champion, The Aztecs of the University of the Americas are the brand new number one team in Mexico College Football.

UDLAP didn’t start good and Diego Ruiz had a pick by Christian Alejandro Hernández in a short pass. The UANL capitalized the delivery, opening the marker in 10-yard haul of Marcelo Gonzalez, who with the extra Ricardo Aguilar had  the Tigers up 7-0. Ruiz overcame and on the next drive he threw a 10 yard pass to Humberto Noriega, and with a two-point conversion by Eduardo Retana the Aztecs took the lead 8-7.

5Noriega (6) Photo: UDLAP

The Aztecs scored three more points with a 38-yard field goal by Retana. UANL responded with a 50 yard field goal by Aguilar. Aztecs 11 Authentic Tigers 10. Both teams were fighting, this game was to see which team was the best college team in the country. The Aztecs showed more pride and their power hit the Tigers when responded with a touchdown by Retana and the best player made in Cabo, Mexico, Robín González made good the 2 point conversion. Aztecs 19 Authentic Tigers 10.

UDLAP made two more mistakes at the end of the second quarter that brought the Tigres back, with a quarterback sneak by Jesus Mata Charles to approach 19-17 before halftime..

Aztecas had 2 turnovers in the third quarter: the first pick, by Javier Sánchez, left Tigres on midfield. Aguilar scored a 28-yard field goal and all of a sudden the Tigers were up by 1. Aztecs 19 Tigers 20.

Jorge Retana became one of the best players from the Puebla team when he scored a touchdown on the fourth quarter and, with a further conversion, the score was 27-20 UDLAP.


The Aztecs defense made a huge play and recovered a fumble. Noriega ran for a TD and with the extra, the Aztecs were up 34-20. UANL did not surrender and kept fighting hard. Mata Charles threw a TD pass to Daniel Lozano, and with the extra the score was 34-27.

The Aztecs defense got another pick to seal the victory. For the first time in 8 years Mexico College Football had again a National Champions, the Aztecs showed they are the best program in Mexico.

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