Burros Blancos: True warriors of Zacatenco

By Omar Ureña (Gráfico Sports)

It was the first time in a long time since the UNAM Pumas and the IPN Burros Blancos got undefeated to their match (4-0). Last year in a powerful defensive game the Burros Blancos defeated the Pumas 14-11 in the ONEFA (Organización Nacional Estudiantil de Futbol Americano) semi final. Saturday was a different chapter and a crowd of 50,000 was ready at the University Olympic Stadium. The traditional cheers, the Polytechnic “Huelum” and the University “Goya” were loud. Families were excited to see these two teams.

Burros Blancos vs Pumas (Marca)

The show was about to start. Pumas offense looked sharp since the beginning, Daniel De Juambelz began vigorously with two impressive drives, the Goya exploded loud when he threw a 60-yard touchdown pass. Pumas had the lead 14-0. Burros Blancos didn’t take too long to show their weapons. their offensive line took full control and left no doubt they were hungry to beat the Pumas once again at their stadium.

Burros Blancos offense (Excelsior)

With less than two minutes left in the game, Pumas tried to score the winning touchdown, but Zacatenco’s defense incredibly forced a fumble on the 1 yard line and recovered it. However Burros Blancos made a mistake, the Pumas fans were ready to party as their defense took a photo with Coach El “Tapatio” Mendez bust after stealing the ball to Alejandro Garcia for a touchdown. Pumas were winning 48-35 with just one minute remaining.


Burros Blancos were resilients. Pumas defense was lost in the cosmos and the sun seemed to inspire the Burros Blancos offense. The desire to fight flourished in the red zone when Alejandro Garcia threw a touchdown pass in dramatic fashion as the clock hit zero, setting up everything to continue “El Clásico” in overtime.

A determined run by Alejandro García stepping on the Pumas end zone was what led the Burros Blancos to win a battle in which the Pumas defense was struck by the Polytechnic offensive line, receivers, running backs and of course the Warrior #9 who displayed an spectacle under the sun. They fought till the end and the Polytechnic team beat the UNAM 51-48 in one of the most electrifying “Clásicos” in history.

Alejandro García (Marca)

Now Burros Blancos are focused on the IPN Civil War. Last year “La Guerra Civil” took place at Ciudad de Los Deportes Stadium, Alejandro García and his impressive running backs ran over the Águilas Blancas defense. Burros Blancos won 21-7. 

IPN “Civil War” (Máximo Avance)

Águilas Blancas defense will show up Saturday at the Civil War as number 2 in the league averaging 16 points allowed per game. Burros Blancos is the Number 2 offense scoring 34 points. If the Zacatenco warriors win they will be the Number 1 seed and will play the playoffs at home, The electricity that fans are about to witness this Saturday at Estadio Wilfredo Massieu will be lit at its maximum level. The Zacatenco warriors are ready.

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