Burros Blancos in the Polytechnic Clash for the Championship (by Omar Ureña)

The intensity, drama and energy of the Burros Blancos is parallel to the life of some Cheyenne warriors, the past collides with the present. Football vibrates in Zacatenco and in Santo Tomás through the IPN Athletic Department, It has grown as an example of the fighting spirit.

The Civil War: Águilas Blancas vs Burros Blancos (ESPN Digital)

  Burros Blancos and Águilas Blancas will fight today for the ONEFA National Champions trophy. QB Alejandro Garcia comes back stronger to the Championship game after losing to the Auténticos Tigres last season, #9 has dealt with adversities and always found a way to win games. In the semifinal against Leones Anáhuac Alejandro threw 17 of 26 for 272 yards, 1 touchdown, but the impressive aspect about his magnificent fierceness was running the ball, he scored 3 touchdowns in a game that at halftime honored my dad, Rubén Ureña Gómez, once National Champion with the White Polytechnic Cheyennes In 1962.

The IPN Burros Blancos beat the Anahuac Leones last week (AS)

  The Águilas Blancas defensive players who will try to stop El Magnífico are Edgar Padilla, who made 8 tackles in the semifinal against the Pumas CU, and Emmanuel  Cajiga who had 11 tackles and blocked one punt. In a game of this magnitude, special teams can make the difference between living and dying.

Emmanuel Cajiga (S Valdivia)

This is the 21st century version of the 1958 game when the White Polytechnic Cheyennes dominated the Maroon Polytechnic Búhos 20-0 to win the National Championship, since that year the games between the two Polytechnic teams were even tougher than the classics against the Pumas. This championship game is a celebration of life, it is the appearance of the new blood that honors those players from other times.

We are witnessing the return to greatness by the IPN teams. It will be exciting to see the great former running back from the Cheyennes who averaged 5.8 yards per carry last week, Julio Hurtado, facing the White Águilas defense , in the regular season Civil War the Zacatenco Soldiers came out like those old school Cheyennes, with courage, determination and united.

The Burros Blancos won the Civil War in 2018 at Estadio Ciudad de Los Deportes  (Máximo Avance)

On the other side of the ball the Burros Blancos will have to stop the run executed aggressively by the Santo Tomas offensive line led by Senior right guard Daniel Concepción (77). Offensive lines performance will be decisive in a rough ritual of historical magnificence. It will be an epic game. Because of their previous match and somehow the Águilas Blancas predictable ground game by their racehorse Emilio Fernández, I believe that the three departments of the Burros Blancos will dominate the Águilas Blancas 33-17.


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