FROM THE BENCH (by Alejandro Morales Troncoso)


Dear friends and readers, this week I want to share with all of you the 20 best players by position of the 20th century in Mexico, derived from a meticulous evaluation study carried out by the Mexico Football Hall of Fame, these turned out to be the great players of the Mexican gridiron.

 We hope that you, passionate about tackling and blocking enjoy it, we started this analysis with the huge QUARTERBACKS from the 30s to the 90s.

 Marcelo Andriani, # 29 Pumas, 1930’s

 Manuel “Mani” Uruchurtu, # 11 Burros Blancos, 1935-1939

 Omar Cardona, # 16 Pumas, 1940´s

 Alex Esquivel, # 11 México City College, 1940´s

 Alberto “La Muñeca” Saucedo, # 31 Pumas, 1950´s

 Mario Bermúdez, # 12 Heroic Military College

 Gustavo “Pato” Patiño, # 21 Pumas, 1952-1956

 Mario Salúm, # 32 Burros Blancos, 1954-1958

 Ramón González, # 14 Buhos, 1960´s

 Enrique Zapata, # 11 Cheyennes 1960´s

Joaquín Castillo, # 20 Pumas, 1964-1969

César de la Garza, # 12 Borregos Salvajes, 1970´s

 Antonio Bustillos, # 16 Águilas Blancas, 1970´s

 Jesús Chávez, # 19 Cóndores, 1980´s

 Marco Ramos, # 16 Cóndores, 1980´s

 David Esquivel, # 11 Cherokees, 1980´s

 Carlos Cupido, # 19 Águilas Blancas, 1980´s

Carlos Cupido, Polytechnic Águilas Blancas

Jaime Urquidi, # 4 Borregos Salvajes, 1990´s

Jaime Urquidi, Monterrey Tech Borregos Salvajes

Eduardo “Zeus” González, # 13 Cóndores, 1990´s

Alejandro Morales, Pieles Rojas, 1980´s

See you soon for now

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