GOLDEN CHRONICLES OF NOTRE DAME: Long live King Ian XII! (By Omar Ureña)


  The heroes in the movies are glorious statues that will live forever, in 1959 “King Creole” shocked Mexico City in its devastating premiere at the Las Americas cinema, it was the story in which hundreds of Mexican rebels wanted to see Elvis Presley  as the “Rey Criollo”, simply rocking the world and being the hero inspired by the Rolling Stones.

In 2020, Ian Book has become the King of the Irish, he is a prodigious quarterback from California who masters all styles to rock on the ground and roll in the air.

Syracuse Orange cornerback Kyle Strickland (22) pressures Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Ian Book (12) in the first quarter (Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports)

King Ian Book oversteps borders, plays hard for Notre Dame’s army of fanatics that stretches to Mexico, Book once told his beloved subjects beyond the southern border.

 “Thanks for all the support in Mexico, I really appreciate it …Go Irish!”

Vision, courage and the burning arm arise in a golden kingdom that leads Ian Book’s entourage to his palace. It was seniors’ day in a quiet Notre Dame stadium. After three games of endurance, the Irish enemies collapsed, the entire attack by Clemson, Boston College and North Carolina came under the control of Ian, the King of Notre Dame.

When the king starts to do it

It’s as good as done

He holds his guitar

like a Tommy gun

He starts to growl

The Syracuse defense had five freshmen, they blitzed, brought the heat and sacked Book. The sun was shining orange over the Golden Dome. The Irish got a field goal at the end of the 1st quarter. Coach Kelly describes the picture at the moment:

“It was either a missed read or a missed block or a drop, we weren’t executing at the level that we’re capable of”.

Syracuse defensive back Ifeatu Melifonwu (2) makes a tackle in in the first quarter at Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame Athletics)

 Freshmen Orange rebels and disgruntled seniors struggled to invalidate Ian Book’s claim to ACC sovereignty. Coach Kelly knew:

“They were extremely aggressive.  We had to go for some safeties and safeties that were rotating and that were difficult to decipher from the beginning. “

 The Notre Dame defense stepped up, three and out for the Orange Men. Then Ian Book rode the royal float, rushing 28 yards for a hard-hitting touchdown. The King shares his thoughts:

 “Just fight for every win, we’ve been down, we’ve been up, this team just never shies away so it’s a special team and you don’t always say that”. 

Javon McKinley (88) runs for a touchdown in the second quarter against the Syracuse Orange (Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports)

 On a 1st and 10 at the Syracuse 21, Ian Book threw a touchdown pass to Javon McKinley (88) with one minute left in the second quarter. McKinley scored two touchdowns in the first half.

The Orange needed to invade the Irish land in the third quarter. Sean Tucker ran 40 yards to score a touchdown for the New York team. The Irish offense was back in action when the King ran 17 yards for a touchdown. Having entered the end zone, Ian Book became Notre Dame’s fourth all-time QB in rushing touchdowns with 16. He is now tied with Kings Brandon Wimbush, Joe Theismann and Terry Hanratty. Book described the spirit of the Irish:

“It just shows this team has grit, never gave up, never flinched and to have two undefeated seasons is just doing what Coach Kelly has asked, he always says ‘protect the house’.”

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book (12) scrambles from the pocket (Notre Dame Athletics)

Ian Book ran 8 times for 53 yards and 2 touchdowns he completed 24 of 37 passes for 285 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. It was his last game in the kingdom of Notre Dame guarded by the Library showing Touchdown Jesus.

“Bittersweet, definitely a little emotional but I just took it all in. I definitely took a step back and just embraced everything. It’s been an unbelievable journey.”

 Ian won 30 battles and became the winningest King of all time in Notre Dame history. The golden Majesty finished 15-0 as a starter at home, tying the most victories with Tony Rice, who posted a 15-0 record from 1987 to 1989.

 When he gets the rockin’ fever

Baby, heaven sakes

He don’t stop playin’

‘Till his guitar breaks

When you get rock fever

The King’s celebration (Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports)

The Orange suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Irish. Notre Dame is a strong military force commanded by Coach Brian Kelly:

“It’s about finishing for our seniors, a win at home, getting Ian Book into the record books as the winningest quarterback in the history of Notre Dame, solidifying our position in the College Football Playoff picture”. 

 Ian will now, equally humbly, act solemnly on every play of the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game, a league that has been ruled by the Clemson Tigers for the past 5 years, the control exercised could begin to recede.

 The Irish are convinced that they can regain the territory lost in the wars against Alabama in 2012, since then several soldiers of the Notre Dame nobility fell in the trenches against Clemson, in 2018 in the CFP semifinal the Irish were defeated 30-3 by the Tigers at the Cotton Bowl.

Ian Book (Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports)

The Irish led by their King Ian XII will play for the 2020 ACC Championship on December 19 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Majesty is convinced of achieving the most important victory in his reign.

 # 2 NOTRE DAME 45

       SYRACUSE 21

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