By Omar Ureña

The Cabo Marlins carried that secret Poseidon potion with them. They carry the spirit of Aquaman in the middle of the Sea of ​​Cortez. On their second trip to Tenochtitlan they arrived with the turquoise and crystalline vision that they were going to beat some Bulldogs. The setting was incredible, radiant sun shining above the MCA Jaime Labastida Stadium. It was the return of the former RB of the Condores and commissioner of the Cabo Flag Football League (CFFL), Odín García García, who as founder of the Marlins anchored in the field that saw him born as a great running back; the Redskins football club and their 88 championships.

Odin Garcia shows the Cabo Marlins the sign with the 88 championships won by the Redskins football club in Lomas Verdes.

That is where he was forged, where each game he gave his soul so that the cardinal and gold team came out with the victory and he celebrated each touchdown with arrogance against the defenders he shot down. Odin would get to the end zone and just cross his arms. His humor was not well seen, especially by the Cherokees, Aguilas Blancas and Gamos, he was the kids’ idol because he in turn emulated the technique and aesthetics of a star running back, Erick Dickerson, RB 29 of the L.A. Rams. This is how on Saturday he inspired the motivated Marlins, Emanuel Harris (15), Anthony Perkins Jr (9) who wanted to reach the end zone and celebrate like Odin did.

The Cabo Marlins exist because creative minds, competitive spirits and the desire to see professional football in Baja California brought them together to form this team of Guaycura warriors. Sigfrido Muñoz arrived with his Marlins to the house that coach Labastida built with the help of other former Cheyennes from the National Polytechnic. Today is the home of the Bulldogs Mexico, the official Dawg Pound.

The game developed in an intense way in the first two quarters, an offensive interference left the Marlins out of the end zone, it was a dogfight in which both teams were giving everything, the blows were devastating, it was like heavy metal coming from the ‘Bazar de Lomas Verdes’, pure rock, an intense street fight between the Marlins and the Bulldogs. And that’s how heavy the voices emerge from the home stands; ‘Oh, you freaking cevichitos! We’re going to kick your butt!’. And at that moment the Marlins responded and how not if they armed themselves with big players in the week, like Diego Viamontes, the wideout who leaves the CFL safeties frozen wearing the green and gold jersey of the Edmonton Elks. Perkins threw a fast 20 yard TD pass to Daniel McCants Jr (2).

Daniel McCants Jr (2) (@Joslar_Sport)

The pressure of the Bulldogs weighs like an iron chain, the coaches thirsty for glory and all the fans who are part of this wild spirit that is breathed, the players feel it and perspire it, they sweat and throw themselves like dogs. The Marlins were in a cage with a hostile environment where the Bulldogs’ trick was heard in the speakers that exploded with Mexican hip hop, which during the Bulldogs’ offense was silent but when the Marlins ran the offense they turned up the volume. And that’s how everyone gets to rap. “I get up, I knock you down, this is not your place”…’Me paro, te tumbo, no es tu rumbo’, as Fernando Rosete said in 1996 before the Cóndores faced the Auténticos Tigres at the Gaspar Mass Stadium. The Naucalpan pack’s offense was playing badass…’perron’, the defensive line was a mad dog, the running backs, the secondary, they were giving everything they got. All the Bulldogs were giving their soul on any given Saturday in the FAM-YOX league.

The third quarter was when the Marlins started going full throttle with Perkins throwing accurate passes and wide receivers catching balls like true NFL stars. Perkins threw a 45-yard pass caught by Devonte Parker (82), the sunset vibes were spreading as the Marlins surged ahead.

Cabo RB Jorge Martinez (21) ran based on guts and moving bodies gained 3 yards with the second effort for another Marlins touchdown. The Bulldogs reared up and Diego Yañez heroically held on to the pass for the second touchdown for the Bulldogs, who trailed 27-15. With that momentum, the home team was on fire, this team is full of character, we must give them recognition for their desire to achieve victory in every play. My respect goes to that offensive line of the Bulldogs with national players who did not stop fighting. You have to take off the hip hop hat to a team that rules and ‘se rifa’ in Estado de México.

The kickoff return is electrified by Viamontes who takes the ball to the center of the field. We know that the Marlins’ offensive line has had a hard time coming together, but the effort is there. The Marlins reached the endzone on a 5-yard run to the left. On the other hand, the Marlins’ defense was shinning with some ‘grass-eating’ sacks in honor of our ‘compa’ El Fallo from the band ‘Riesgo de Contagio’…¡Come pasto!

Devonte Parker made another great play. Ricardo Bravo and Odín García were broadcasting as an extension of the show ‘Swagger Time’ on, led by Rodolfo ‘Chacho’ Vázquez. Emmanuel Harris escaped to the right for a striking TD while the Marlins fans were in an uproar, ‘Marlins! ,Marlins!’ Daniel McCants Jr goes fast, then breaks a tackle spinning and stretching out his arm as he goes into the end zone, followed by Odin’s celebration, a truly magical day for the Garcia family, especially Odin’s parents and his daughter Stella. Old time Condores teammate, Gerardo Cabada was there too. 

Anthony Perkins Jr had 4 TD passes against the Bulldogs (@Joslar_Sport)

This is Mexican pro football at its best, and if you haven’t been to the FAM-YOX or LFA stadiums, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. The LFA’s ‘TAZON MEXICO V’ played at the Estadio Caliente in Tijuana resulted in an electrifying duel on an electric stage catapulted by the vibes of Nortec and the royal fury unleashed by the Monterrey Fundidores, beating the brave Queretaro Gallos Negros 18-14 with pyrotechnics. Yesterday in the ejido de oro we saw acrobatic plays by Mexicans and also Americans. That’s right, on the Mexican gridiron races are coming together, not seeing colors except in the uniforms. They just know their numbers are big and boy are they big with Anthony Perkins Jr throwing 4 touchdown passes. The Cabo offense had 456 total yards.

Marlins vs Jefes, June 4, 7 pm (C)

The Marlins are in the championship race with a 2-2 record. This team is not going to stop until they reach the goal, the FAM-YOX playoffs. They returned in their plane, flying upon the clouds, and contemplating a dream, they descended to the desert in order to surf the waves of courage once again to get ready for their next battle. They went to the Capital of the country and returned motivated with their first victory on the road. The Marlinmania will display its weapons next to the Ocean Pacific waves smashing the sand. The Cabo Marlins will host the Ciudad Juarez Jefes at the Blue Kingdom next Saturday June 4th at 7 pm (CT). 


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