By Omar Ureña

June 5th, 2022

The Jefes open the game as a lightning with a sensational 90 yard kickoff return by Deauntay Collier (8). With this fury the Jefes take the lead 6-0. It’s time for the most exciting offense in Mexican Pro Football. Today the offensive line is working better, they improved on fundamentals and look solid as the rocks piled right where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

The Cabo Marlins offensive line looked pretty solid against the Ciudad Juarez Jefes. (FAM-YOX)

Now the Cabo San Lucas big guys are opening holes, they are controlling the trenches as running back DJ McCants (2), is devoring a chunk yardage. David Perkins (9) throws a 30 yard touchdown pass to his favorite target Emmanuel Harris (15). Cabo and Ciudad Juárez are tied in the middle of the first quarter. 

In the 2nd episode of this battle on the desert the Jefes come back hard and the Marlins offensive line is again in problems, by making a penalty that anihilated an excellent 45 yard pass by Perkins which would put the Cabo offense on the Jefes’ 20, then on another attempt to block the Jefes defensive line, DE Lopez (48) accelerates fast and sacks Perkins and strips the ball away from him. The Jefes with the ball back early in the second quarter.

The Marlins defense attacks at full speed, Youhanna Ghaifan (99) sacks the Jefes QB and the Baja team recovers the football. Carlos Duarte (4) runs with his heart and flies 2 yards over the Jefes’ front seven to score an impressive TD. Cabo takes the lead 13-6.

David shared to my Swagger Time colleagues Tirus Bravo y Chacho Vázquez how confident he feels playing in paradise.

‘Confidence is huge in football. Once we start winning everybody is more grateful to be here and that’s what we want to see’.

The gridiron is hot in Cabo San Lucas, the sunset flames are reflected in the Marlins spirit as the cacti burn like the Cabo defense, looking stoic and harmful, the Jefes find ways to get to the red zone, they try once again but the hits by the Marlins are epic collisions, snapping targets.  The navy blue helmets attack without mercy, they are winning in the trenches, hitting like bulls smashing cars on the highway to La Paz. These are the Marlins who hunt men like the Giggling Marlin’s entrance on Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue. Youhanna Ghaifan is on the left side, goes around the right tackle and attacks at full speed the QB, slaps him and blocks the ball.

Carlos Duarte runs and hits with his heart and slams the defensive back. The Jefes defense does not quit, Williams (97) and Mendoza (58) make tackles. The Cabo offense is once again in the red zone. Perkins runs 8 yards to the right then Duarte fights hard. Former Pumas CU kicker Alberto González Guzmán (19) scores a 42-yard field goal for the Marlins. Cabo leads by ten at half time. There’s happiness in the Blue Kingdom. That’s right, it’s all about confidence, happiness and being thankful for the nature in Cabo. David Perkins enjoys it tremendously.

“The weather man, everyday you wake up in a good mood because there’s no bad weather“.

It’s the 3rd quarter. Perkins sends a bullet pass to DJ McCants (2), who sprints for 40 yards. A Jefes’ interference to Viamontes gives Perkins the chance to reload his weapon, throwing a 33 yard TD pass to Devonta Archer (82).

The Jefes keep fighting but when the Marlins ‘D’ is on the field it’s really ‘chaos time’. The Cabo attack is back on the field, the offensive line is working well since the Jefes only bring 4 men, this is an heroic offensive line showing a pure desire to get the third win of the season. On 3rd and 20 in Jefes territory David Perkins locates his favorite receiver Emmanuel Harris as he slid down the left side and acrobatically jumps and makes a great TD reception with the desert in the background. The Marlins are hunting Jefes in the middle of the third quarter.

Ciudad Juárez reacts fast and the returner runs 55 yds to set the Jefes’ offense at the 35 yard line. A touchdown was very much needed by the Jefes, however the Marlins defense allowed only 3 points when César Córdova (82) made a 43 yard field goal. The Marlins are back but can’t hold the Jefes’ bravery. The black and maroon defense stops. 

Ciudad Juárez once again with the ball, the battle is hot and thrilling, Demarcus Johnson (36) is hit by the Cabo hungry defensive backs. The Jefes QB runs and escapes. Harris Alarcon (18) catches the ball at the Marlins 20. It’s second and ten and the crowd at the Blue Kingdom roars as they see their local hero Eduardo Vázquez (22) smashing Deauntay Collier (8). Vázquez shows his power in this game, he’s a proud player from Cabo coached by Odin García. In college football Lalo was a dangerous defensive weapon with the Guadalajara Borregos. 

The Marlinmania continues with a stunning offense. Perkins throws a phenomenal 45 yard pass to Devonta Archer (82), then Perkins rolls out looking for Emmanuel Harris who scores with a 1 yard TD reception. It was a great sunset feeling for the Marlins, they showed they got the guts and players to transcend in the postseason. Everybody in Cabo must celebrate with mai tais and ‘ballenas’ in the sunset cruise before the Marlins fly to Guadalajara to fight against the Jalisco Tequileros and crush them on their way to the FAM-YOX playoffs. 

The task won’t be easy, Youhanna Ghaifan, Lalo Vázquez and the rest of the Cabo defense will have to stop QB Clark Hazlett (17) and Jylel Reeder (8) two of the jimadores who got the Parrilleros wobbly this Saturday. Hazlett had one touchdown on the ground and one more in the air, while Reeder had a 60 yard TD return that knocked down the Parrilleros 29-27. The Tequileros had 334 passing yards.

The Cabo Marlins decided to go hunting and dominate the Chiefs in the trenches.  Perkins threw for three touchdown passes and 266 yards, Archer and Harris shone making plays as the defense outscored Ciudad Juárez four times in the red zone. It seems the machinery of this team is oiled.

Safety CA Gordon (7) shared with Gráfico Sports corrrespondant, Stella García, his perspective about these Marlins.

 “We are clicking on all cylinders.  The defensive line is playing fast getting to the QB, the secondary is doing its job well.”

 The powerful Marlins are raving for a postseason ticket as house music sounds tubular and groovy at El Squid Roe, celebrating the domination over the Chihuahua Tribe.


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