By Omar Ureña

Chicago, IL. July 4, 2022.

In the regular season, the Mexico City Rojos dominated on the ground, rushing for 2,051 yards, while the Los Cabos Marlins were the best passing offense in the FAMYOX league with 2,538 yards. It was supposed to be a tough test for both defenses. It was the first playoff game of the day, Los Cabos versus Mexico City.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

The blue team is about pride, sticking together, faith. Yes, there were many clouds floating over the desert, like the foam of the sea on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Coming in as the best running offense in the league, Huntley and the Mexico City Rojos push hard on a 1-yard run up the middle. Then Mexico City gets a pick six. The Los Cabos Marlins were down 14-0 in the 1st quarter.

The Rojos offense was running the ball and of course why wouldn’t they? Their offensive line is great with guys like Ramiro Pruneda who played for the 49ers, those guys were protecting Huntley whose arm was about to explode. It was only a matter of time. With an impressive offensive line dominating the trenches and a group of stars, Denzel Strong (3) breaks away on a 7-yard run down the right side to put the Rojos up by four touchdowns in the 2nd quarter.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

The Marlins is one of the FAM-YOX teams that created that brotherhood, yes, American and Mexican players in the desert, understanding why they’re there at midnight, half the team practicing surrounded by cactuses in a dark and silent gridiron next to the desert  in Cabo San Lucas, with the stars shining on their helmets, the other half in La Paz doing reps, giving their best. They believe in themselves and that’s how they won six games in a row. These warriors have the instincts and the spirit. Late in the second quarter Immanuel Cason (58) blocked a Rojos field goal, the Marlins’ offense gained yards but could not finish strong in the red zone. Cabo Marlins 0 Mexico City Rojos 28 at halftime.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

The Marlins didn’t give up, these guys should be proud of what they did this 2022 season, when they were winners and losers, we all know there are “winners and losers just like you and me” as the Accept song sounds fast and powerful. The losers and winners we saw today won in terms of fighting together when the fight got rough, from defining camaraderie to embracing their team brand, the Marlins won the hearts of their fans in different cities across Mexico. This team is destined to last a long time and today they fought.

On 4 and 3 the Marlins were ready to make a field goal that was blocked by the Rojos, Howard (4) recovered and returned the ball 40 yards to the end zone. On the next series Howard intercepts, it is the third interception by Dave Perkins, who in 8 games had only two interceptions.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

All season long, the magic of Perkins and Harris covered up the lack of consistency when the Marlins tried to run the ball, they knew they were somehow behind the Rojos and they still went all the way to Mexico City and showed up to play hard. They have character and are fighters.

The wild Jo Jo Ghaiffan (99) busts the Reds QB who hands the ball to Marco Duran (14) and runs 13 yards down the middle for the touchdown of pride and courage that almost started a brawl. Two teams in a street fight to see who can hit the hardest. Raúl Rivera brings back his players.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

Finally the Marlins are going to be able to relax on the beach, these guys come from swimming against the adversities of the ocean. Sea creatures passed by, seeking to harm them. They came without fear to face the Rojos and their experienced coaching staff from the University of Mexico Pumas CU who burned their skin like jellyfish. It was the second game in which they scored more than 40 points, it was a painful but growing day for the blue team.

César Martínez Rioja (Gráfico Sports)

They’ll get advice from their instinctive coach Cesar Martinez and learn as they knew they were one game away from contending for the Silver Bowl. The Marlins are made of guts and waves, hitting the sand just as the sun goes down and then waiting for a full underground process to get back up again only to be reminded that there is another sun and another season ahead.


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