By Omar Ureña

CHICAGO, IL. March 17th, 2023.

On Saturday the outbursts of joy for entering the gridiron will look spectacular with that intense royal blue, these Kings of Jalisco return to the Fortaleza Azul after they went on the road to attack ‘massive’ against the Raptors, founding franchise of the LFA. The Raptors are made of a voracious lineage with defenders like CARLOS ESPINOZA (0) who gave a pick six to the Reyes QB, SHANNON PATRICK (10) with which the Raptors took the lead 13-6. Reyes came back with courage and in the 2nd quarter Patrick exploded throwing a precise pass to TAVARES MARTIN JR. (0) for a TD. In the final part of the game, ANTHONY PATRICK (56) was the defensive hero and scored a 25-yard pick six that completely annihilated the Raptors. The Reyes were victorious 23-16.

DEVIN HECKSTALL (1) (Medios Reyes de Jalisco)

Tomorrow at 5 pm (central) the Reyes (2-0) will face another founding franchise of the LFA, the Mexicas (1-1), formerly the Eagles, the team inspired by the Águilas Blancas of the IPN. These red warriors fell 24-6 at home against the Galgos on the opening day. It was a game in which the Mexicas executed without finishing and made mistakes in the first quarter, returning to the second half with a fighting spirit, ALEJANDRO MÁRQUEZ (6) opened the 3rd quarter with a pass to JORDAN TERREL (18) that changed the attitude of the heirs of Tezcatlipoca Rojo.

We are savoring a birria broth in Guadalajara and a game on fire this Saturday between Mexicas and Reyes. What is the difference between these two teams? Who is better? Brandon López, or Shannon Patrick?

The Reyes are in the 3rd position of the LFA with 71 points scored, while the Mexicas occupy the last place with only 23 points on the scoreboard. Patrick is the 3rd QB in the LFA, he has thrown for 37 completions of 60 passes for 388 yards, 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. For its part, the artillery of the Mexicas has not been flimsy, but neither has it been explosive. BRANDON LÓPEZ (13) is 14 of 41 for 232 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 picks, while Alejandro Márquez is 17 of 33 for 183 yards, no score and no interceptions.

Tomorrow the duels will be intense between the Mexicas secondary against the Reyes wide outs like DEVIN HECKSTALL (1). Shannon will try to connect with RODNELL CRUELL (2) and Martin Jr. The Reyes are ready for the ‘brawl’. The reason for this Jalisco power comes from the courage and guts to dominate on both lines. The fired up Reyes head like Checo Pérez, as a car on the asphalt that surrounds the Minerva. The LFA’s No.3 running back is JORDON SHIPPY, with 150 yards on 30 carries, averaging 5.5 yds, trailed by 2 fumbles.

What is the Reyes offense up against? Shannon Patrick will face a defense led by JERÓNIMO ARZATE (10), a born warrior, already wise in the ball game. This Mexica stronghold has recorded 17 tackles in 2 games. With the heart of a Puma, analytical, observant and a swagger at the required time. And next to him is his Pumas CU teammate, Gerardo Ramírez. Jerónimo shared with ‘Swagger Time’ how important it is to have “Jerry” Ramírez by his side.

JERÓNIMO ARZATE had already intercepted the Reyes in 2022 (LFA)

“Now that they put me as safety, I sided with Jerry that I’ve known since high school, we both blindly trust each other, so you know what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are.”

The red defense suffered against the Galgos, trying to stop Terrence Williams (1) but the Mexicas never stopped fighting and spreading ‘cinnamon’ hitting. This defense is reinforced with RICARDO RAZO (1), who heroically made a huge play against the Gallos Negros. There is also CHRISTOPHER HEREDIA (29) who in his debut with Mexicas, had an interception against the Galgos and a pick six against the Gallos Negros.

Jerónimo in his talk with ‘Swagger Time’ -by rocksportradio.net- spoke of the Reyes:

“They really have very good weapons since last year, but now Martin Jr. is joining them, he is very good, he has 4 touchdowns in two weeks and I think that something they needed, unlike last year, was a QB with a better reading, more calmly. But I trust a lot in my defensive team”.

On the other side of the ball the Reyes defense is a powerful Indy Car vehicle, painted in royal blue and yellow with exploding players stalking and crashing rushers on the ground like ALEJANDRO AGUILERA (29) and EMMIT GOODEN (55). The Reyes will be facing Brandon López, who will target EDGAR RINCÓN (19) and DITTER SMITH (17). At the moment in which the defense of the Reyes prevents the offense of the Mexicas from staying on the gridiron, without finishing long drives and without points, it will be a motivation for the Reyes to go with everything to beat these Mexicas, a team who comes out to leave blood on the court, as was customary in the pre-Hispanic ball game.

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