Cabo Marlins: an Oasis of Pro Football (by Omar Ureña)

These warriors are about to feel the sea breeze blowing through their face masks. Acrobatic football stars are ready to score touchdowns right at the merge of the Sea of Cortez with the Pacific Ocean. On February 22nd the first pro football team from Baja California Sur will debut in the FAM (Futbol Americano Mexico), the second Pro football league created in Mexico by Juan Carlos Vazquez. The Cabo Marlins will arise from the waves to bring pure excitement to Los Cabos.

Marlins RB Mubalama Masimango

Fly to Cabo, feel the adrenaline before kickoff, embrace the sun and the ocean as you see players like Eduardo Vega, ferocious linebacker from the Toluca Borregos, chasing quarterbacks, contemplate the sunset as Mubalama Masimango, powerful RB and champion in the LFA with the extinct Mayas, dodges defensive linemen in front of cactus. These guys are ready to fish and fly.

Cabo Marlins: first Pro Football team at the Land’s End

The Marlins went fishing north of the border and brought talent to paradise: Darryl Render who played 48 Games as defensive tackle in the ACC with the Pittsburgh Panthers, recording 82 tackles and 3 sacks. Darryl was selected All-ACC in 2015, filling the shoes left by Rams superstar Aaron Donald. We’ll also see on the gridiron Immanuel Cason from Junction City, Kansas, who was an aggressive head hunter for the Emporia State Hornets and Lamar Hardy, defensive back for the Bentley University Falcons.    

DT Darryl Render, Pittsburgh Panthers

 There isn’t a better place on earth for these guys to play Pro Football than Cabo San Lucas and they know it, this brand new team is about to emerge from the desert’s heat. If you love Football take your kids to the Estadio Don Koll, enjoy the blue horizon and cheer for your Cabo Marlins competing in the FAM. Besides Cabo San Lucas the FAM in 2020 expands to Chihuahua, and in 2021 to the U.S. and Cancun.

The Marlins face the Rojos in their historic first FAM game. Tickets go for $180 pesos

Vazquez goal is to make FAM the first binational Pro Football League in Northamerica so his plan is to have two more franchises in major U.S cities with high Hispanic population: San Antonio, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. This season the teams competing in the FAM are: Cabo Marlins, Chihuahua Caudillos, Jalisco Tequileros, Mexico City Rojos and Naucalpan Bulldogs.

On March 7th the Cabo Marlins will host the Jalisco Tequileros

The Marlins are ready to fly due the effort of two former ONEFA College Football players; Sigfrido Muñoz -Marlins CEO/ partner-, a wise entrepreneur and former Toluca Borregos offensive lineman and Odin Garcia -Marlins GM/partner-, Mexico Football Hall of Fame inductee in 2015 and former RB for the University of Mexico Cóndores who finished his career in Sweden with the Nyköping Baltic Beast, running for 1,100 yards and scoring 21 touchdowns. This Football sunset cruise has Muñoz as captain and García as a key part of the crew, leading as General Manager with the experience he has built in Cabo San Lucas as the Cabo Flag Football League commissioner and coach who has worked with elite American coaches as Scott Nady from Dallas,TX, recruiting director and assistant coach at SMU, a program that was catapulted in the NCAA 2019 season, being in the Top 25. 

Cabo Marlins Media day at the      legendary “El Squid Roe”: Perla Castro, Tony Simmons (Head Coach), Derek Hurschman (D coordinator), Darryl Render (DT), Ralph Turner (OG), Lamar Hardy (S), Odín García García (Marlins GM/Partner)

The Marlins named Tony Simmons as their head coach. “Touchdown” Tony played in the NFL for the Patriots, Colts, Texans and Giants, he led as a coach the Moscow Patriots to win the Russian Championship. Coach Simmons is the offensive strategist of the Marlins.

On the defensive side of the ball coach Derek Hurschman is the guy who will build a strong ship to break through the offensive lines, he did that in 2018 in Germany with the Paderborn Dolphins and in Switzerland with the Lausanne Owls when he was part of Tony’s staff.

Life in El Pueblo de Cabo San Lucas is about to have a great twist, people celebrating the games doing the hippy hippy shake at ‘el World Famous’ El Squid Roe, from now on the Lazaro Cardenas Strip and the Medano Beach the Marlins will be the talk of the town and their fans are going to love them.

The Cabo Marlins will bring together fans from Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo and La Paz

Tourists and locals will be part of the Marlinmania heading to the stadium when they play at their oasis. They open at home facing the Ciudad de Mexico Rojos, then they will host the Jalisco Tequileros on March 7th and the Naucalpan Bulldogs on March 21st. The Marlins are about to start their own story, if you’re traveling to Cabo don’t miss the opportunity to see warriors fighting in the desert.

The Naucalpan Bulldogs will visit the Cabo Marlins on Week 5

Picture yourself feeling the wind and sand in your face while you’re riding an ATV at maximum speed through the Cabo Dunes on your way to the Estadio Don Koll, and there you are watching the Marlins sinking in the sea of passion. Yes, the party is about to start in Cabo this Saturday at 4pm.

This is the Cabo Marlins 2020 season schedule:

4CD4C4DB-E195-4397-A730-D14DCDFE4EFAYou got to be there when the Marlins take on the field for the very first time to face the Mexico City Rojos having the Pacific Ocean as a background. It’s going to be simply fantastic.


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