Cancún Tiburones: Predators tackling in the Caribbean Sea (By @omarurena_)

By Omar Ureña

The 2021 season is the third season of the FAM, the Mexican Pro Football League which expands to the Yucatan Peninsula. As the tunes from John Williams in the Jaws mysterious ascending suspense rhythm the Tiburones went to surface in the arising of pro football in Cancun, Mexico. Will you need savage Pro football after the Super Bowl hangover? What about hiding from the snow at the beach? Yes, you!…fans from Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Boston and Pittsburgh. You got it! 

Cancun Tiburones

That’s right, the sun, the Caribbean Sea and Pro Football all wrapped in one. It’s about time to discover the ocean, going snorkeling, having a margarita in the sun. This is Futbol Americano in Mexico. FAM means pro football now in two touristic destinations: Cabo San Lucas first, now Cancun. In paradise , the Sharks join the Cabo Marlins guided by Sigfrido Munoz, I mean , what else do you need when the Steelers, Eagles, Giants, Patriots season is over? You fly to Cancun and Cabo to see fun , amazing , die Hard Mexican pro football. You don’t want to miss that match, the Cancun Tiburones are here.

FAM leader Edgar Zapata continues the vision of Juan Carlos Vazquez who set the view for you offering gridiron excitement in highly tourist cities in Mexico, the Jalisco Tequileros in Guadalajara who packed the Estadio Tres de Marzo every single game, or the Chihuahua Caudillos, who had 22,000 people in their first game at the Estadio Universitario in Chihuahua, all those are magnificent cities to follow your passion for football. The Captain of the Tiburones ship is Andrés Baños, who as CEO he’s already looking for excellence by bringing Roberto Aparicio as head coach. Luis Tello is on board in this adventure as the sports director of the Tiburones. 

This is nature beauty, Cancun is a touristic and football destination to discover, there are a dozen of clubs as the Monteverde Wolverines, the Lagartos, the Colegio Cesaré Troyanos, which set the path to bring college football here. The Mexico Football Hall of Fame center already recruited his offensive coordinator Jorge Jiménez Aréchiga, from the Anahuac University in Cancun Lions. This is a destination for NFL celebrities so there you go. This is the new version of Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday, these sharks are for real, Miami showed it in fiction, Cancun actually is going to make it happen.

Anahuac University Leones

There were the Miami Sharks Led by Al Pacino , now there’s Coach Aparicio, part of the UNAM Condores team who got the national championship two years in a row in 1990 and 1991. He will lead the team. The Tiburones will have 45 players in its roster, and about  20 from the practice squad, 15 players will be foreigners, mostly Americans. The Tiburones find the energy to emerge from the support of a team including Cancun businessmen and authorities. This is a great young town with a young team. The Tiburones will have 40 players in its roster, and about 15 from the practice squad, around 10 players will be Americans. Pro football in Cancun is a destination as it celebrates 50 years. 

Cancun’s first Pro Football team already went deep into the caribbean sea and brought big size sharks, they searched and got Maximo Gonzales from the NFL prospects tank, he was a beast playing college football for the UACH Aguilas and the Monterrey Tec Borregos. He played for Mexican National team in 3 World University Championships: Sweden 2014, Mexico 2016 and China 2017 as Captain of the Mexican National Team and got a shot through the NFL International Player Pathway program. Gonzalez registered an official 4.69 extra, according to the scouts of 14 NFL teams that met at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facilities. 

He was close to getting a spot in the NFL in 2018, to make the Tiburones even more dangerous, his brother Octavio, former head hunter for the UANL Autenticos Tigres was signed by the Tiburones as well. Octavio was invited to the Dallas Cowboys minicamp in 2015 and the New York Giants in 2018.

Tiburones will bring talent from the US as well, as they are in contact with schools as Gustavus College in Minnesota, Robbie Aparicio, the Tiburones head coach’s son, is enrolled in the program. So they searched and found CB, Iker Ortiz-Hidalgo, who played four years with the Golden Gusties, Iker Ortiz-Hidalgo. He’s back home and  excited to be part of the Tiburones. The outside linebacker finished his senior season with an All-Conference honorable mention.

The Tiburones are drafting talent that opens the doors to a lot of American players who want to play pro football in paradise. We love Miami but the coziness and colors of beach football towns such as Cabo and Cancun is an amazing experience. 

On the offensive side of the ball they got a precise shark coming out of the University of the Americas in Puebla, QB Norman Contla who in 2013 guided the Aztecs to the National Student Commission of Private Institutions Championship in 2015.  

This is how the 2021 schedule looks like for the Tiburones: 

In their first game ever the Tiburones will host at home the powerful Chihuahua Caudillos who showed their power in the short 2020 season. This first match will be a collision of two teams with a solid roster: the sharks will be hungry to bite big fishes. They will return to the gridiron on week 3 and will be visiting Mexico City to face the ferocious Naucalpan Bulldogs. On week 4 we will be watching the Tiburones take on an established and always motivated football team, the Jalisco Tequileros.

The Tiburones will return to the ball game court in week 7, facing the flamant Raramuris, a clash of the two expansion teams, the Raramuris Warlords will bring the air from the Tarahumara region to the Caribbean Sea. On week 8 the Tiburones will be facing in Mexico City the Lindavista Reds. the first time two former Condores players face each other as head coaches in the FAM. 

On week 9 the Tiburones will play the Paradise Classic against the Cabo Marlins led by coach Tony Simmons, former NFL WR with the Giants, Texans and Patriots. The Tiburones finish the season in Chihuahua in another fight against the Rarámuris.

Book your flights and travel safely to Cancun, visit Playa del Carmen, discover the turquoise horizon and white sand as you prepare to go to the stadium in Cancun. 

Welcome your savage Tiburones who are hungry, they already are looking to be the best team of the FAM 2021 season.

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